Volunteers are the life blood of the HAAE.

As the saying goes, many hands make light work – and we would love to have as many hands as possible. In fact, we don't just want you, we need you! And there are a lot of ways that you can help make an impact.

Become a volunteer

Our volunteers include alumni, students, faculty, and friends. Some of the roles they fill are included below. If you are interested in volunteering, please indicate your interests on the membership request form.

What can I do for my beloved HAAE?

We want every volunteer to play a role that is meaningful and fulfilling to them, however large or small. The following needs and roles are possibilities:

  • Find and share interesting news & info
  • Be a guest blogger or editor
  • Generate ideas or interest
  • Plan and/or run events
  • Be a photography guru
  • Be a graphic design genius
  • Be a web or social media maven
  • Be an HAAE networker
  • Help us to answer email inquiries
  • Be a fun-raiser or fundraiser
  • Be a "resident" tree hugger or tree talker
  • Be an HAAE Rep for a regional Harvard Club
  • Serve as a student-alumni liaison
  • Serve as an Adviser or expert
  • Be an “EnviroMentor"
  • Be a Green Team Ambassador

Did we miss anything? 
If you are interested in volunteering in another capacity, please let us know. And we hope you can come up with a fun and creative title for it. Because, if you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.


Leadership opportunities

Volunteers who prove worthy may be considered for roles with increased leadership. Currently, this consists of Board positions; however, we are considering the formation of Adviser roles and a Leadership Council intended to prepare volunteers for Board positions.
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I enjoy being a part of the HAAE. I lead a busy life, as do many of our volunteers and members, but we believe our efforts are important to Harvard and to future generations. It’s one small way we can express how much we care.
— Tim Stay AB'01