We wish we still had our Harvard library card, too.

But just because we can't get into Widener, Countway, and Kennedy anymore, doesn't mean we don't have access to great resources. Being a go-to source for information on environmental issues is not one of our main objectives, but we do include a few helpful items in our greenhouse to get you started.

It is important to note that the Harvard Alumni Alliance for the Environment is a neutral organization, and does not partake in political or activist efforts. Also, while we may promote Harvard and its people, programs, and partners, the HAAE is not funded in any way by Harvard University or its affiliate Schools, and the HAAE does not represent the President and Fellows of Harvard University or the Harvard Alumni Association.

We are interested in active and engaging learning opportunities and experiences, sharing ideas, fostering connections, and promoting events and activities beyond class affiliation and regional proximity that are gather around a central unifying purpose: our mission.

Oh, and we looked up how to regain access to the Harvard Libraries, too – so if you haven’t finished #16, #40, and #99 on your graduation checklist, you may still have a chance.

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