We believe that teamwork makes the dream work. We must; otherwise, we wouldn't exist.

That's because we are an all-volunteer group and, you know, it's kinda hard to prop up the planet on your own. Speaking of, how many Harvardians does it take to screw in a fluorescent light bulb hold up the Earth?

Become a member – it's free!

Becoming an HAAE Member is easy and free. There are no dues for joining – although we won't mind if you decide to make a voluntary donation. After all, your donation helps us do more good things together, exhibits your belief in the HAAE mission, and just plain feels good! But, by no means is it a requirement.

To become a Member, simply fill out and submit the Membership Request Form below. Please note: you must have a valid Harvard affiliation, and we must verify your affiliation before adding you to our ranks.

Membership is open to any alumnus of Harvard University, including Radcliffe and all graduate and professional schools,  staff, present or past faculty, spouses/partners of Members, parents of Members, and Visiting Fellows.

Once you become a Member, you will receive HAAE communications with relevant news and information about upcoming events. Many of our members offer to volunteer, as well – visit our volunteer page to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Membership Request Form

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Membership level interest
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Who joins the HAAE?

Members include people of all ages, fields, and walks of life – with experts, enthusiasts, and newcomers alike – who share in common both our Harvard roots and a genuine concern for Earth's future. If you are breathing and reading this page, membership is for you!

Why join, you ask? 

You may benefit from the following opportunities as a result of becoming a Member of HAAE:

  • Connect with other Harvard alumni, Harvard University, and the University community
  • Learn more about the environment and keep abreast of new developments in this important field
  • Network with alumni, faculty, students, and other Members engaged in the environmental field
  • Feel good about contributing to saving the Earth's environment through the HAAE work in combination with other respected groups and leaders across society
  • Have fun!

I’m always excited to engage and foster connections with new Members. The strength and quality of the Harvard network continues to amaze me.
— Vanessa McCafferty AB'02