Leadership positions

If you are interested in more significant responsibility with the HAAE, we encourage you to contact us and express your interest. We are considering the formation of new leadership roles for our SIG. These may include Adviser roles and the formation of a Leadership Council, intended to prepare candidates for Board positions, which do open from time to time. Read on to learn more about these positions. To see a list of our current leadership ranks, visit our People page.


The Harvard community is fortunate to have a great number of extraordinary thought leaders and practitioners interested and engaged in addressing environmental issues. We may soon be seeking volunteers who are willing to serve as expert advisers to our organization. Advisers would:

  • Offer thought and guidance in their areas of expertise
  • Propose and help facilitate discussion ideas, learning opportunities, events, and action
  • Help us facilitate connections and build our green network
  • Provide special counsel to the HAAE (i.e. in scientific, economic, policy, and nonprofit areas) 

Leadership Council

A new idea being considered by the HAAE in 2014, the Leadership Council is imagined as a group of motivated individuals who would:

  • Assist with membership and outreach efforts
  • Support marketing and communications efforts 
  • Help organize, administer, and document events
  • Help manage and work with volunteers

Board Members

Board members are involved in all aspects of the organization. In addition to helping in all of the areas mentioned above, Board members are responsible for:

  • Executive level planning & strategy

  • Membership coordination

  • Event planning and coordination

  • Fundraising and finance

  • Marketing and communications direction

  • Research & information direction and management

  • General SIG administration

  • Providing special counsel (scientific, economic, and policy experts, and nonprofit administration experts) 

  • Providing professional services (i.e. accounting, finance, legal, marketing and communications, management)


Interested in joining our leadership ranks?

If you would like to express your interest in a leadership level position, please visit the Membership page and fill out and submit the Membership Request Form with details about your interests, experience, and why you would like to serve in this capacity. You can also contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

Engaging with intelligent, passionate alumni, faculty, students, and friends about environmental issues is why I formed the HAAE years ago. It is immensely meaningful and fulfilling to see how much it has grown since its inception. We look forward to growing it together with new Members for many years to come.
— Marcus Moore AB'00