The Harvard Alumni Alliance for the Environment (HAAE) is an officially-sanctioned non-profit organization dedicated to charitable, scientific and educational purposes.

Membership is open to any Alumni of Harvard University (including Harvard College, Radcliffe College, and all Harvard graduate and professional schools). Membership is also open to Harvard University Staff, present or past Faculty, Spouses/Partners of Members, Parents of Members, current Harvard Students, and Visiting Fellows.

Who Joins? Members include people of all fields and walks of life, environmental experts and novices both. We share in common only Harvard roots and a concern for Earth's future. If you are breathing and reading this page, Membership is for you!

To Join, simply send us an email at enviroalliance@post.harvard.edu stating your desire to join and indicating your Harvard affiliation. Membership is free! There are no dues or other obligations to join the HAAE.

For more Information, click here to find out what it means to be an HAAE member, and the benefits of joining. You can also explore some ways you can choose to become more actively involved with HAAE here. And be sure to check out our News and Events pages for information on recent or upcoming programs, events and activities, as well as global environmental news and developments.

For a list of Environmental Issues, click here.