What environmental issues is the Harvard Alumni Alliance for the Environment concerned with?

All of them!

Some environmental issues include:

  • Climate Change/Global Warming
  • Biodiversity Loss/Conservation of Life
  • Pollution (All kinds)
  • Natural Resource & Energy Use
  • Waste Production & Disposal
  • Recycling & Renewable Energy Creation
  • Consumption, Population & Sustainability
  • Ecosystem Destruction and Degradation
  • Ozone Depletion
  • And more...

Have a specific issue you think should be included in the list above? Email us at

Environmental issues are of course very deeply tied in to every other aspect of human welfare and of the integrity of the Earth, its environments, and its life. Often, other issues cannot properly be addressed without considering their environmental implications. And equally often, environmental solutions cannot be identified and implemented without considering many outside implications. The HAAE is aware of this, and welcomes working with other groups in cases of overlapping interest.


Want to help out with the Harvard Alumni Alliance for the Environment?

There are a number of ways for you to get involved... Here are some ideas for areas in which to contribute: 

  • Executive Level Planning & Strategy

  • Membership

  • Event Planning/Coordination

  • Fundraising / Finance

  • Communications

  • Research & Information

  • Administration

  • Special Counsel (Scientific Experts, Nonprofit Experts) 

  • Professional Services (Legal, Accounting/Finance, Tech/Web)

To get involved with HAAE, email us at, and tell us which area(s) above you are interested in. 

If you want to get involved, but are not interested in the above or not sure how you'd like to help, you still can! Email us at, and become an active part of the Harvard Alumni Alliance for the Environment today.